Username Command

Username commands are basically what this is whenever you do a particular order, and that person’s username shows up within that command.

All you’ve got to do for that is to use it away. It’s called a variable within stream moments and actually with streamer chatbots, but it’s a money sign bracket user bracket.

So the money sign bracket user bracket kind of sounds a little weird. It displays a user’s display name. You can also do that in lower case, so all you have to do is the money sign bracket user dot name bracket.

So you would do for us we do the command, then we put that variable, and then we put whatever you want to say after.

So it’s pretty simple once you start to figure that out, and it’s something you can take your mods through as well, or if you’re in the mod, you can dimmer through as well, so super simple that’s how you do a username command.

Counting Command

The next one that we have here is a counting command. So basically, this is a counting command that counts something so safe as the number of deaths you have. Yes, it ends because we all die in games except for pro gamers.

What you’re going to do for this count command is add a piece of new knowledge. You’re going to put whatever stream they count on; you know they’ll be like, oh yeah, you know I’m saying and so essential you actually will go to the response.

You’re going to put your variable here, so it’s a money sign bracket count, and then you’ve got less than sign name greater than sign, and then you put times on stream. That will give you a number that counts every time somebody hits it.

So people can count how many times out.

Lurk Command

This command is just like setting up another command. What you might be able to do with this is mix our username command with this command.

So if we type a new command, an image lurks for the response to put your variable money sign bracket user bracket, and then that’ll get their username in there. So it is now lurking and twerking or something like that for what you want to say for that last part, but it’ll put their username in there, and it’ll look official.

So it makes your alert command look a little bit better, and yeah, hopefully.

Repeat command

So basically, what you do with this command is whenever someone types something, chats, or repeats it for us, you know how people like to point up and chat. Whenever they want to like yeah, check this out, you know.

We had a stream element copy that was a little clever. The response is the same thing you want the answer to be whatever you want to say.

Now go to advanced settings, so if you go down below, you’ll see command keywords now; you’re going to put all the variations that people would type in that you would want it to repeat.

So we kind of put different versions of that, so whenever you have those keywords in now, it will trigger that command off of those particular things.

Prime Sub-command

This one’s quick; this is so people on mobile can prime stuff; you want that to happen. What you’re going to do is you’re going to copy the link where it’s subbed which TV slash your name.

So that will take people to a page for them to subscribe and can do that on mobile and use their prime there.

Weather lookup command

The weather lookup command will become everybody’s weather person; you’re going to become their weather person, and it’ll be great.

It will tell you the weather there. So how you’re going to do this at night is you are going to go to commands custom, add a piece of new knowledge, and then you’re going to say exclaimed.

Weather lookup or exploit weather or whatever you want to put there, then you’re going to go you’re going to put this same variable in money sign parenthesis.

And then that basically will give you a weather lookup. It’s pretty dangling. 

Social command

This is important for you as a streamer.

If you’re a mod, grow other socials and diversify across additional platforms.

How to grow into the platforms and especially YouTube. Something like this platform here that you’re on was social. It’s just that you’re going to vials. So that people can go and follow you, you want to plug this pretty consistently and maybe even put it on a timer.

So if you add a new command on Twitch, you will export socials and then list all your socials below with links.

Make sure you put space between those links and check on that command because it can get a bit weird sometimes but make sure that the command is all clean.

Shout out command

This is basically when somebody rates, you can shout them out quickly and allow people to follow their rear,k or maybe someone your friends comes into the chat with wants to shout them out.

You can do like you know Xm, which shout out. 

So basically, what you’ll do is add a new command that will be an image shout out

your response will be this check out in your variable when signed bracket one bracket at HTT; you know you have to put the whole like the link to a short TV slash, and then you’re not going to put a space.

You’re going to put it right up against that slash. So you’re going to do a money sign bracket channel one bracket like a close bracket.

Welcome Command

This one is significant, and something called a welcome command. What you cause can be different for you and other people and all kinds of stuff.

Image point manages at a command that’s quite welcome and then put some clip or maybe even your channel trailer or whatever it is that will welcome people.

It also allows your chat to welcome people readily if they don’t know how to get into the conversation, so maybe even you can do it. You could even use your youth the username ones that we’ve used.

An open community that is welcoming to people is a straightforward way to do that when you’re playing your intense game. 


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