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Facebook - 21+ TIPS & TRICKS 💡 - UPDATED IN 2020

Create @facebook.com Email Address

Now you could  get an email address from facebook. I've got it last week [email protected] . You can also get an email address like what I've got. The facebook id will be related with your facebook vanity url. If you haven't registered your facebook vanity url, Then get it now. Its very essential to have a facebook vanity url before applying for @facebook.com email address. How to apply for @facebook.com email address? Go to facebook.com/about/messages/  Click on 'Request An...

How To: Tag Friends In Facebook Comments

Facebook has recently updated their comment system, Now you can tag your friends while commenting. The advantage of this is, Everyone can visit the tagged friend's profile by clicking on their names. How To Tag Friends In Comments? While commenting, Add '@' followed by your friend's profile name. screen shotIt's just like mentioning someone on your twitter tweet, The only difference is that, You can't see the '@' sign after tagging. 

Post Audio Updates On Facebook

With the help of a facebook application(MyMic) you can post recorded audio updates on facebook. You must give a try to mymic. Advantages Of Mymic: * Your friends can read your audio message without installing Mymic. * Its free to try. Disadvantages: * You can only record upto 5seconds, For more length you should pay them. Link: MyMic

Tricks For Increasing Facebook Fans

You can easily increase your Fb fans of your facebook page. Twiends has turned into a great platform for increasing your facebook fans, Increasing Twitter followers, Driving traffic to your blog or website, Increasing youtube video views. You should not miss this great opportunity for increasing your followers and fans(facebook likes). I've almost doubled my facebook likes within two days after joining Twiends. How To Increase Fb Fans And Twitter Followers Using Twiends? Go to Twiends and sign up for...

How To: Add Facebook Like Button On Your Blogger Blog

Now You Can Easily Add Facebook Like Button On Your Blogger Blog. In This Post, I Will Show You The Way To Install The Facebook Like Button On Your Blog. Follow These Procedures: Go to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML. Back up your template. Tick the  Expand Widget Templates check box on top right of the HTML window. Find the following code in your HTML, this is the code for your post content: ...