Do you want to know how you can fix the issue of the Spotify web player not working problem?? Well, here is the answer!!! 

The Spotify net participant is the most important internet site withinside the world. Reason:- It gives you direct access to a whole bunch of Spotify music without leaving your internet browser.

While it looks like a great thing, many people have reported that the Spotify player is not working correctly/at all in specific browsers. To fix this problem, we will take a closer look at why the Spotify player is not working, how to fix this problem, and more.

The only web browser that works without hiccups as of 2020 is Safari. But one thing we need to note here is that the Spotify web player completely stopped working in Safari in 2017.

Some customers even were given a Spotify net participant black display screen blunders after they landed at the internet site. After a long hiatus, it started working again in 2020, and no issues have been reported in this regard since then.

In this section, we will look at how to fix the Spotify web player not working issue with step-by-step tutorials.

Check Your Network Connection

Let’s start with the most obvious but sometimes overlooked option. You are checking your network connection. If your Spotify music suddenly stops or you press play, but nothing happens, it is most likely because of your internet. 

Here is what you could do on a Windows PC: 

  • First, try opening other websites. 
  • If they seem pretty slow, check your internet speed.

If nothing opens, then do this:

  • Go to your system icons. They should be in the lower-right corner of your taskbar. 
  • Right-click the Wi-Fi or LAN icon (depending on your use) and choose Fix problems.

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

Cookies and cache help your browser work more smoothly by remembering important information like logins. However, sometimes information can be “is saved,” causing problems with your Spotify web player. 

So, before jumping to more drastic solutions, it’s a good idea to clear your recent cookies and cache. The steps you need to follow should be pretty similar in each browser, but we’ve included step-by-step instructions for Chrome and Firefox:

The solution to clean cookies and cache in Chrome

  • Hover over More Tools until a smaller sub-menu appears on the left. From there, click Clear browsing data.
  • Set the period to 24 hours in the drop-down menu and disable browsing history if you don’t want to delete it.
  • Click Clear data and restart Chrome. Your Spotify web player should typically work again.

How to clear cookies and cache in Firefox

  • In the far right corner of your toolbar, open the menu (three vertical lines).
  • Go to the library, then to history.
  • Click Clear Recent History. You can choose the period you want to delete if your Spotify web player stops working. Select Today.
  • Make sure you only have cookies and cache enabled, then click Clear Now.
  • Restart your browser and sign in to Spotify again. Your web player should work smoothly again.

Update or Change Your Browser

The important things first! If you are a Mac user and haven’t used Spotify for a while, you should know that Spotify’s web player has stopped working on Safari. Switch to Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. 

However, you should check for updates if you are already using any of the three browsers above and still have problems.

If, for some reason, you have turned off automatic updates, there are a few steps you can take. 

For Chrome

  • Click the menu button (three dots) 
  • Select Update Google Chrome. If you do not see this option, your browser is as up-to-date.

For Firefox

  • Go to the menu
  • Click Help 
  • Then click About Firefox. A new window should open, and Firefox will automatically start checking for and downloading any available updates. 

Once this is done, restart your browser and see if this has affected your Spotify web player.

Repair Spotify net participants through the Device listing

If none of the above fixes worked for you, don’t despair!! Here is a simple solution that often resolves Spotify web player issues. 

When you have multiple devices connected to your Spotify account, the player can get “confused” about where to play your song or playlist. This can result in nothing playing when clicking on pieces. 

You can fix it by simply clicking on the device list to the left of the volume control button and then on Web Player.

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Temporarily Open Spotify on Another Device

If the previous step doesn’t help, you can try another simple but effective solution. 

  • Open Spotify on any other tool – for example, your smartphone. 
  • You can accomplish that if you haven’t downloaded the Android app yet.
  • Play any song on your smartphone and open the Spotify web player again.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you should see a green bar with “You’re listening,” followed by your device name. 
  • Go to the tool listing and click on This net browser. 
  • Your music must begin gambling wherein it leaves off to your smartphone.

Download the Spotify PC app

Sometimes the effort isn’t worth it. If the Spotify web player keeps giving you problems, it’s time to ditch it in favor of the PC application. 

If you want to use it in the office but don’t have administrator rights to install programs on your PC, don’t be shy and ask your IT staff for help.

Remember that the Spotify web player is spirited but not unfixable!!! 

So don’t lose hope, as you can try these steps again afterward!!! 

I hope we came in handy for you!!!

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