Best Selection of Luxurious Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid materials are a common type of packaging material used in high-end packaging. On the other hand, Custom Rigid Boxes are usually not printed directly on and are four times thicker than a normal folding carton.

Most high-end items are shipped in rigid boxes. You won’t find packaging that is better made or thicker anywhere else. Custom rigid boxes can hold many different things, like jewellery, perfume, fine china, electronics, and much more. Because of their high quality, they are also often used as rigid gift boxes.

Printing Rigid Boxes to Fit your Needs

Companies in every industry need more than ever to have rigid box packaging that stands out from the rest. Because of this, you can choose from many different types of boxes, such as clamshells, slipcases, presentations, and more. In addition to our natural Wibalin, flocks, fabrics, leather, and any other covering you can think of, a wide range of paper coverings in a rainbow of colors and materials.

As their name suggests, the rigid boxes wholesale are solid and won’t bend. Here are some good things about rigid boxes and nice things that can be added to them to help promote the business.

Rigid Boxes Usage

This version of custom rigid boxes no minimum looks better and is built better than its predecessors. Pressed sheets or other creative materials are used to make the huge, sturdy structure of rigid laminated boxes. But a backing made of chipboard is being laminated or stuck to the outside of this box.

A stiff, laminated package is the first thing a customer notices. On the other hand, the long-lasting raw material and subtle look make people wonder about it. Add beautiful images to improve the class as a whole.

Most of the time, expensive items are packed and shown off in rigid boxes. Because the boxes are 1200GSM thick, they can be shipped and mailed.

A strong laminated box can have an attractive magnetic closure that makes it easy and safe to store things.

In packing facilities, however, a magnet-inserting machine is used to put the magnet inside the wall of the chipboard without being seen. In this way, the magnet is hidden so that it can’t be seen in the finished product.

Creative printing Methods

Plain packaging fails horribly in the retail market these days. Making your products seem like they are running out is a surefire way to sell more of them. Because of this, custom boxes wholesale offer ways to print on rigid boxes in the shop so that they can be unique and attractive. To make matters worse, if the wrong approach is taken, it is possible to present a product in the wrong way.

Offset printing Process

Using this method to print your product packaging will give you photos and graphics that are clear and well-defined. Offset printing requires a lot of time for initial setup. As a result, the turnaround time is substantially longer. Because of the conditions that must be met, making changes to a design takes more time and money.

On the other hand, digital printing can be done quickly and cheaply, making it a good choice for both small and large production runs. The image quality is not as good as it would be if it were printed with offset printing. Plus, it’s easy to use, saves time, and makes it easy to make changes to the design.

  • Even with simple pictures, it’s beautiful.
  • The laminate boxes look nice, so they don’t need complicated designs.
  • Smooth edges are a sign of a rigid container.
  • The strong containers are laminated very well. Even so, the edges of the custom rigid packaging must be nice and clean.

Too often, though, manufacturers don’t meet this standard. At reputable packaging companies, the edges of the chipboard are cut with a machine called a groove cutter. To do this, you should pay close attention to the edge of the box.

Wonderful Extra Features can be written on the outside of the boxes

The rigid boxes can be decorated for different events or given as gifts. However, rigid custom gift boxes look great at every event, from birthday parties to weddings.

Decorating the stiff boxes with colorful rope, ribbon, or printed stickers can make them look more appealing. These decorations, on the other hand, come in many different colors to make sure the boxes look great.

Luxurious Packaging

Look into rigid bulk boxes to save money. But if you buy a lot of boxes at once, manufacturers may offer you more discounts. Because of this, there are a lot of stores that offer discount codes and lower wholesale prices.


As their name suggests, rigid boxes are much stronger and sturdier than regular folding boxes. Even though the name sounds harmless, these containers can completely change how people see your business. These rigid boxes are the best way to keep your items from getting damaged while they are shipped. These are the best option if you need boxes for anything—cosmetics, electronics, sports gear, tableware, toiletries, meals, stationery, etc..


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