How to make money writing Erotica

’50 Shades of Grey’ and its sequels have had a splashy moment in the spotlight, but erotica has been around for decades. Erotic writings about gods and goddesses’ lovemaking escapades extend back to ancient Greece and Rome, and erotic novels have been around since the Middle Ages. We’ll debunk some common misconceptions about this genre of writing and show you how to get started – and make money!

How to Become a Successful Erotica Author

Before you dismiss the erotica genre as illegitimate, think again. Erotica is not the same as pornography; it has to do with characters, plot, conflict and so on. Character development is probably more important than in other genres of creative writing since it is relationship-driven.

  • Get started: The easiest method to begin writing erotica is to practice, just as you would with any other genre of writing. Learn about storytelling ideas like story arc and dialogue to help your plotline have more substance. Join a writers’ group and share your work with your peers for feedback. Consider submitting articles to a literary magazine to get your work in front of publishers.
  • Find your Niche: Short tales to full-length novels and multi-part series are all examples of erotica works. Many erotica authors find that writing in a genre they’re already familiar with is the most comfortable for them. If you’re more of a realist, sensual plotlines set in familiar, modern-day surroundings might be more your speed. Before diving into a novel, you might find it easier to start with a few short tales. can you buy modafinil at walmart provigil 200mg buy modafinil online kaufen erfahrung provigil online order buy modafinil uk 100mg buy modafinil 200mg uk https://www.guardianfueltech.com buy modafinil nootropic buy modafinil denmark buy modalert usa buy modafinil uk reddit 2022 provigil apteka online
  • Be Unyielding: Writing erotica necessitates a higher amount of bravery than other genres. Keep striving even if you feel tired of explaining the legitimacy of your writing to family and friends. Some erotica authors claim to make between $7,000 and $10,000 per month, even without a large publication contract. They have to start somewhere, just like you.
  • Promote Your Stories: Erotica is a thriving industry with millions of readers around the world. But it’s not easy to reach them through paid content alone. A good idea is to share snippets and short stories on Erotica sites. Some great places to start are Reddit, Erotica Me, Literotica, and NovelTrove.

In doubt? Self-Publish your Erotic Stories

When you self-publish erotica, you control the distribution and promotion of your work. You put your own money into printing your book, either one at a time as orders come in or in batches of a certain number of copies. The resulting books are yours to market and sell as you see fit, and the profits are yours to keep rather than those of a publisher. Learn more about where to sell erotica.

The Amazon Kindle Store and Erotica

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is a new tool for self-published writers to sell their erotica. Certain types of relationships, as well as graphic cover art in erotic novels, are prohibited from being sold on the platform. You must ensure that your book follows certain style guidelines and meets Amazon’s content guidelines

Include it in your writing portfolio

Whether you choose traditional or self-publishing, you will need a place to showcase and promote your work. Here’s where a writing portfolio comes in handy. A writing portfolio is a website where authors and other writers can share samples of their work with the public. It serves as a resume-like tool for landing jobs and making important industry connections.

Sign up for a free account at Clippings.me to start building your writing portfolio. Clippings.me provide writers with a drag-and-drop interface for quickly creating a portfolio and sharing it with the world. After you’ve signed up, fill out your writer bio with more information about yourself.

You can include information about your education, work experience, and interests here, as well as links to your other social media profiles. If you’ve had work published online or in the Amazon Kindle Store, you can link to it here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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