Net Setter is a dongle that provides internet connection to your laptop or desktop using a network provider’s SIM card. A particular network provider’s net setter can be only used with their SIM card.

For an example, legally only idea SIM can be used in the idea net setter. But sometimes an unsatisfied user may need to change the service provider like I want my Vodafone SIM to work in an idea net setter. Though it is not possible legally, this article will definitely solve this issue for you in a different way. Well, before we start to explain the process it’s my duty to let you know if you try to unlock the net setter the warranty will become invalid forever as it disobeys the company’s policy.

Okay, so here we go… If you are unsatisfied with the Idea internet plans or the speed doesn’t fulfill your need, I will recommend you to switch to another network and to do so you just need to use these techniques.

How to unlock the idea net setter?

It’s time to learn. We have mentioned two valid and simple process that will do the job for you. Just follow the steps accordingly.

The Universal Master Code Can Do The Task For You:

  • Your first task is to find out the IMEI number of the net setter. Most probably it is written at the back of the dongle.
  • Got the new SIM (non-idea service provider)? Good! Now put it in the Idea net setter and connect with your PC.
  • Now you can see on the screen, a little tab is asking you to write the unlocking code.
  • Actually, I don’t know the code. What you will have to do is simply download the universal master code software. After downloading run this on your pc.
  • Open the universal master code software and enter the IMEI number of your idea net setter in the right place and click the calculate button.
  • Now switch to the data card’s option where it was asking you to enter the unlocking code. Click OK.

And your job is done. Very simple. Isn’t it? Now you can enjoy any non-idea service provider’s internet service without any obstacle.

Well, it is possible that the above process won’t work for you as we have received some complains where they mentioned the ‘unlocking code’ option doesn’t appear. Some of them have even mentioned the master key failed to do the task. Don’t worry. We have another backup process in case the first one disappoints.

Unlock the Idea Net Setter Using the Huawei Patcher

Follow the mentioned process step by step.

  • First of all, simply search and download the Huawei Firmware Patcher.
  • Connect the data card in your PC. Wait for the drive to get installed.
  • Now run the downloaded the HFP. The idea net setter will be automatically detected by the HFP (using the COM port).
  • Hope you can see an unlock button, click on it. The HFP will take care of rest of the task. Just sit back and wait for it the complete the process of unlocking.
  • After the process is done, you will get a notification and you net setter is ready to get used.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Let us know if you are facing any problem while trying any of the above processes.

Method for Unlocking 2G Idea Netsetter Dongle

You can use any sim cards with Idea Net Setter USB internet modem. For that, You need an Unlock Code. I’ll help you to generate an unlock code for your device.

idea-netsetter unlock

Anyone who requires an Unlock Code, Request here with your Net Setter’s IMEI Number via comments. Then I’ll generate an unlock code and will reply to you within 24-48 hours. Then you type the unlock code in the unlock code field.(Screenshot below)

free idea-netsetter unlock
  • After unlocking idea net setter, You have to configure the correct internet settings depending on the sim card you have used.
Unlock Code Not Asking?

Many people are complaining that their idea Netsetter application is not asking for an unlock code when then inserts a new sim. This problem could be solved by Huawei Unlock Code Writer. You can download it from here.
Or you can also use Huawei Mobile Partner application instead of default idea Netsetter software.

For a quick response, Tweet your IMEI to @1001tricks

Note*:  Enter The Correct Unlock Only, If You Enter The Wrong Password For More Than 10 Times, The Modem Will Get Locked Permanently.


  1. gb5tab4672893034
    pls provide me as soon as possible.

  2. model no. huawei eg162g
    fcc id QISK2540
    IMEI 353474024566838
    SN D82AA108C3002227

  3. ROHIT- my idea net setter IMEI no is:-
    353474029219532 please provide me the code as soon as email id is:- [email protected] i shall be greatly thankful to you.thank you

  4. @Faisal
    You can unlock mbrowse with this trick,
    I hav nt used mblaze, And I've some doubt about that, coz its cdma.
    Hav u tried to insert any sim card in it??

  5. Sir
    I am having a zte ac8700 bsnl evdo modem. Can it be unlocked, if so how

  6. how to change setting idea netsetter for other network as aircel, tata docomo, please send me

  7. i want to unlock my idea netsetter here is imei no 353474028560928

  8. i want to unlock my idea netsetter here is imei no 353474021192927.
    they are asking for enter puk code.

  9. when i insert different sim
    then it is showing"only the specific sim card can be used on the device!"
    and not showing the window to enter unlock code.
    plz help

  10. @Anonym
    You must have entered the wrong code for more than 10 time. That's why it got locked permanently.

  11. is there any way to unlock eg162g after entering wrong code more then 10 times.
    and is device useful now ?

  12. hello sir, please help me to unlock my EG162 G idea netsetter.
    IMEI no is:353474021234877


  13. i am using Idea net setter EG162G of IMEI No. 353474024090821
    Pls…… provide the unlocking code.
    Thx in advanced

  14. Iam sandeep
    I has EG162G net setter
    IMEI no:353474029587763
    plz provide me unlock code…

  15. gb5tab4672893034
    pls provide me as soon as possible.

  16. model no e 1730u-1
    ime 419878093554450

    my question is is idea net setter (3g/edge/gprs compatible ) is use new sim like 3g/4g

  17. plz solve my issue of unlocking my idea 4g net setter…..imei-862926020045582… no-3298571411CF



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