When it is about uploading and sharing files, we focus on two things. The first one is the file size limit and the second one is expiring time. Especially when it is occasionally most of us don’t want a registration and verification headache. In this article, I will be providing you best five free websites where you can easily upload and share file links to download them without signing up or registration. So here we go.

Best Free File Uploading & Sharing Websites


Wikisend.com is reliable and easy to use website where you can upload and share any file with a maximum size limit of 100MB. Though they are providing a signup option, you can ignore it and go for your uploading task. Signing up helps to save the file uploaded information and downloadable links. But as I said if you are doing it just for some particular purpose there will be no problem uploading and sharing the file. In case you need the downloadable link later, don’t forget to save it accordingly.

Well, there are some conditions as per their rules & regulations: If your file has set the lifetime of 1 to 7 days, it will have primary status & accessibility with high speed. If you have set the lifetime 8 to 90 days, the file will have secondary or archive status & half-speed accessibility.


The lightest weighted and simply useable website according to our research. You won’t even find any useless options or pop-up ads, so there is nothing to irritate you while working. Tinyupload uses high bandwidth links thus your downloading speed increase amazingly. It offers max file size of 50MB. The best part about the website is they don’t delete your file unless it hasn’t been downloaded for 100 days. Pretty cool right? I think conditions and rules are amazingly planned and good for both the users and service providers. And well they don’t even have a signup option. So enjoy free uploading without signing up.


This one is another very light weighted and easy to use service for file uploading and sharing. Just go, upload and share. They don’t mention any max file size limit and ensures to delete your file after 60 days. In spite having these drawback, this one has been included in our list for the easy to use property. And as I said if you want this service occasionally filebin.net is not a bad option at all.


Ok so if you are looking for a website whose sharing size limit goanna really impress you. Uploadfiles.io is the perfect one. It provides max file sharing size of 5GB. Huge. Isn’t it? Well, you can upload your super large file freely without any registration and share the downloadable links, but only for 30 days. If you want the link to stay downloadable for long or for a lifetime you need to pay them accordingly. Signing up will help you protect the link with passwords. But as I said if you want huge files to upload free & without registration for a short period of time, you are in the right place.


This website also lets you upload and share files with total size of 5GB. I mentioned ‘total’ as you can combine all the files together here and send via email. Their biggest pro is they provide encryption too that helps secure your file from hackers.

Hope you liked the information we collected and packed in a box for you. Surely none of the above websites is going to disappoint you. You can surely do your required task accordingly. For those who are having a busy schedule, we are also providing a cheat sheet below.

File Sharing Size Quick Comparison Chart

Website’s Name Max File Size Duration
wikisend.com 100MB 90 Days
tinyupload.com 50MB Lifetime (*Conditions Mentioned above in Description)
filebin.net 60 Days
uploadfiles.io 5GB 30 Days
transfer.pcloud.com 5GB Not Mentioned



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