Bookmarklet for URL Shortening

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If you want to make short links without installing Google Toolbar, then try Bookmarklet. Which will make it easier for you to convert any URL to a short URL instantly. shortened link
Google The Page! <– Google Bookmarklet

* Just Drag And Drop The Above Bookmarklet To Your Bookmarks Bar.
* Load A Web Page And Click On This Bookmarklet, A Pop Up Alert Box Will Appear With The Shortened Link. Like What Shown on The Screenshot. bookmarklet


Benefits of using Short URLs

Using a short URL can definitely help you in many ways. I’ve mentioned some below.

  • It’s easy to promote a short URL that a full one. Especially on social networks like Twitter where you have a limitation in characters you can use in a tweet.
  • You can get a do follow redirect to your website even if you posted the link to a site where outgoing links are set as nofollow. This will definitely help you in SEO. I use a trick to actually boost my SEO rankings by using short URLs. Inbox me on facebook to learn it. 😀
  • You can measure the clicks to the specific URL by logging in to dashboard.

There are many other benefits as well, but I can’t find a reason why you should not use it.

alsoread: 25+ Link Shortening Services.




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