One of the most notable differences between Tumblr and other social networking platforms is that putting your name on your blog is not required or even expected. Some individuals provide their first names in their biographies, but it’s uncommon for a Tumblr user to include both their first and last names on their blog — and even if they did, there’s no search area for it.

If you’re serious about finding someone on Tumblr, you’ll need to utilize the mobile app and have their username or blog title handy.

How to discover someone and their secondary blogs on Tumblr

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to start a secondary blog: separate blogs for different types of postings, a blog you wish to share with your friends or a site where you reblog other people’s work. A secondary Tumblr blog may be password-protected, turned into a group blog, and has all of the same functionality virtually as a primary blog, except social features (follow other blogs, like posts, send asks and messages, and submit posts).

You can build additional blogs on your account in addition to the primary one. You can establish up to 10 secondary blogs every day on Tumblr. Secondary blogs lack some of the social elements found on prior blogs, such as liking posts, following other blogs, and making requests or submitting contributions. Secondary blogs, on the other hand, can be password-protected, needing a password to access. To build a group blog, you may add other Tumblr users to a secondary blog.

Let’s have a look at how you can find someone and their blogs on Tumblr!

  1. Download the Tumblr app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the Search tab by tapping the magnifying glass in the bottom toolbar. buy modafinil in mexico buy provigil online usa buy provigil modafinil buy modafinil online 2021 modalert 100 buy online india modafinil vanzare online buy modafinil online india get a modafinil prescription buy modafinil portugal
  3. Type your preferred search word into the box
    at the top that reads “Search Tumblr.” This phrase might be as narrow as a blog URL or title or as broad as a topic. You may also look for an email address to see whether it’s the same one they used to register their account with.
  4. Tumblr will show you a selection of popular blogs, but you can also make a more general search or go straight to a single blog.
  • Touch the title of the blog you’re searching for in the suggested search to go there.
  • If you’re confident you’ve entered the proper URL and it still doesn’t show, touch the “Go to [blog name]” option to go directly there.
  • If you’re not sure you’ve got the name right and the blog isn’t on the list — or if you want to look around a little longer — press the option at the top of the search, immediately under the text field.
  1. After pressing the search button, go to the top of the screen’s menu bar, scroll left, and pick “Tumblrs” from the drop-down menu. Scroll down until you locate the blog you’re looking for.


Hope that the elaborated method help you find your answers and now you can easily look for blog of your choice.


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